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All businesses have waste which requires disposal. We are certain that yours is no different. Likely you already have waste management policies and procedures in place. You are probably already served by one of the well-established waste management companies who charge you a gate fee per tonne of waste. The reality is that commercial waste disposal faces a number of issues and comes at a high cost.

Here are some likely real facts about your commercial waste:

  • A large proportion of commercial waste ends up in landfill – in many cases over 50%

  • Where waste is diverted instead to energy-from-waste (EfW) plants, typically it means incineration plants where useful recyclables in your mixed waste cannot be recovered and are lost

  • Collecting commercial waste from businesses is challenging and comes at a high cost – often considerably higher than municipal waste

  • Waste collection vehicles cause nuisance in cities and their harmful emissions cause air pollution. They may travel considerable distances to the nearest waste processing plant

  • Waste collectors are always looking for longer waste contract periods than businesses are comfortable with. Waste plants require security of supply due to the high capital and operating costs they face

These are some of the numerous reasons why businesses need new and more effective solutions. Cost reductions are truly a necessity and our solutions present a new opportunity for you to optimise your waste management and reduce costs.

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How We Can Help You

Small-Scale Solution

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Suitable If You Want To

  • Considerably reduce your waste disposal costs and have fixed long-term rates which are much lower than at present

  • Considerably reduce or completely eliminate transportation of waste and its significant cost to your business

  • Reduce or eliminate waste collection vehicles causing nuisance to your business, your customers and local residents

  • Potentially have a zero waste to landfill solution onsite which is odour free and under your control

  • Boost your green credentials

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Unique Benefits and Features

  • Processes organic waste at source – no costly transportation to plants

  • Eliminates up to 96% of organic fraction within 3 days

  • Total mixed commercial waste is reduced by 25-50% (or more if organics form a bigger proportion of your waste)

  • System is odour free and processes your waste as soon as generated or when you need it – no more storing waste and noxious odours while you wait for waste to be collected

  • There is flexibility in waste input – from pure organic to mixed waste

  • System has a small footprint and requires little space

  • Available in sizes of 0.5 – 10 tonnes of daily solid waste throughput

  • The process is fully natural, odour free and causes no nuisance to  your business, customers and local residents

  • The system is inexpensive – in the UK typical payback time is 18-24 months

  • Full after-sales support including remote SCADA system monitoring

  • You boost your green image by becoming part of the zero waste to landfill revolution

Large-Scale Solution

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Suitable If You Want To

  • Work with an innovative waste management company which uses cutting-edge environmental technology to reduce your waste disposal costs

  • Supply waste to us for full material recovery instead of incineration or worse – landfill

  • Reduce transportation of waste – our plants are more efficient and cost-effective and are thus smaller and likely to be located closer to you

  • Contribute to a potentially zero waste to landfill solution

  • Boost your green credentials by being part of the latest in environmental technology innovation – be part of the journey to a circular economy

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Unique Benefits and Features

  • You work with processing plants using cutting-edge efficient and environmentally friendly technology

  • Our plants can potentially recover over 95% of useful elements in the waste

  • Disposal costs are lower as our plants are more effective and efficient as well as fully automated

  • Transportation costs are lower as our efficient plants are smaller and located closer to you

  • Plants are virtually odour free causing no nuisance to local residents – the process decontaminates incoming waste eliminating noxious odours

  • Supply to plants which potentially offer a zero waste to landfill solution

  • Our plants can achieve a circular economy by recovering useful elements for recycling and reuse

  • We guarantee a secure long-term disposal for your waste

  • You boost your green image by becoming part of the zero waste to landfill revolution

Our small-scale solution for businesses is the unique Advetec XO system. See our Organic Waste page for more information. If  you are separating organic waste from the rest of your waste and/or you have considerable amount of organic waste, the best utilisation would be a biogas plant. See our Biogas Production page and contact us to discuss the appropriate options.

For more information about our unique and highly efficient plants, which process waste from businesses, see our Municipal Waste page.


You Can Benefit

You can significantly reduce your waste disposal costs and improve your green credentials. Whether you are a municipality or a business of any scale, we can help you with the right solution. See below for more info.