Environmental Solutions to Global Challenges

We design and implement unique environmental solutions featuring the latest in technological innovation. Most of our work focuses on processing different types of waste on both small and large scale. Our highly effective and efficient systems can extract and utilise the valuable elements of waste. Critically, they also have lower capital and operating costs than most existing systems and processing plants on the market. Lower costs allow our solutions to be smaller scale and located closer to waste sources. Effectively, we improve waste disposal logistics and significantly reduce costs.

Municipal waste small

Municipal Waste

Decontamination and 96% separation of mixed municipal waste into clean fractions – the highest effectiveness at the lowest cost on the market

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Organic waste small

Organic Waste

Engineered small-scale solution to eliminate up to 96% of solid organic waste at source within 3 days

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Biogas production small

Biogas Production

Efficient biogas production from organic waste to generate renewable energy and biomethane fuel

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Dual fuel small

Multi-Fuel Tech

A system which enables commercial diesel engines (HGV, rail, marine and more) to operate as dual fuel with different types of gas, reducing fuel costs and emissions


Global Waste Challenges

Waste management continues to be one of the biggest global challenges. Population growth results in a greater volume of generated waste year after year. Countless landfills operate worldwide which cause vast levels of pollution in the atmosphere, soil and water. Landfills produce leachate from the decomposition of organic waste. In many cases, it drains into natural water sources causing severe water contamination. In particular, this is a major issue in less developed countries where landfills have no containment measures. Water contamination is one of the biggest causes of diseases worldwide.

Governments across the world are introducing numerous strategies to solve this rising problem. A good example is legislation such as the EU Directive 2008/98/EC which legally binds all EU member states. Source segregation of waste and increase in landfill taxes and gate fees stimulate growth in the recycling and energy from waste sectors. Though this diverts some of the waste, the majority still ends up in landfills. This is mainly because organics contamination and separation is still a major and very costly challenge.

Our Environmental Solutions – The End of Landfills

Our solutions present a big step forward in how we can process waste and wastewater. We embrace technology and believe that innovation is the key to the future of humanity. We are working with select technology developers to design and implement solutions which feature multiple innovations in a unique model. Our aim is to utilise the valuable elements of waste more effectively as well as more economically. In particular, we can achieve superior municipal and commercial waste processing results. We are able to decontaminate and separate recyclables into clean fractions far better than most existing technologies. Furthermore, we are able to fully utilise the valuable separated organics which typically are a considerable proportion of waste.

Environmental solutions to end landfills are needed
Environmental solutions to water pollution are needed

Global Air Pollution Challenges

Transport pollution needs environmental solutions
Electric cars are one of the future transport environmental solutions

Population growth has a severe impact on air pollution. Growing population and industry heavily rely on transportation. More vehicles are in use each year and the result is greater levels of harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Similarly, domestic, commercial and industrial energy needs are expanding. Gas and electricity grids currently rely almost entirely on fossil fuels which cause huge air pollution. For these reasons, the air quality we all breathe is rapidly deteriorating. As we well know, air pollution is the primary cause of global warming, so radical changes must be made in order to stop destroying our planet.

A Green Future

Thankfully, governments around the world have started to take action. They are actively exploring environmental solutions which can help reduce pollution. Suitable measures cover both energy generation and transportation fuels. This is why, we are seeing a boom in the development of renewable energy and biofuels, especially in Europe and North America. Electric cars, hydrogen fuel and other important technological advancements are also set to play a critical part in the future of transportation.

Our Environmental Solutions – An Effective Contribution

We are active in both renewable energy and biofuel production. A number of our environmental solutions for waste processing incorporate certain renewable technologies. Anaerobic digestion, for example, specifically focuses on processing the organic fraction of waste. It transforms the energy content of organics into biogas. By purifying (or upgrading) it, we subsequently produce biomethane. This valuable biofuel can directly replace natural gas in the national grid and is also used as transport fuel. Furthermore, we are working on innovative technologies for the production of other biofuels.

You Can Benefit

You can significantly reduce your waste disposal costs and improve your green credentials. Whether you are a municipality or a business of any scale, we can help you with the right solution. See below for more info.