Effective Odour Elimination

Many industrial and commercial organisations face significant noxious odour challenges. They usually occur in and around waste processing plants, sewage treatment facilities, temporary public toilets, landfills, composting plants, abattoirs, fisheries any many more. All these places need an effective odour elimination solution. There are many products on the market which work with various degrees of effectiveness.

Advetec AirStream – Cutting-Edge Odour Elimination Technology

We offer a unique solution which effectively neutralises noxious odours – Advetec AirStream™ technology. Our partners in the UK, Advetec Group, have developed a natural plant-derived ionic product which effectively eliminates odours. It is called ODR8 and is negatively charged when applied. Effectively, it attracts and binds with the positively charged odour molecules in the air. The process, therefore, neutralises the odours within the surrounding atmosphere resulting in a clean and fresh environment. We need to point out that ODR8 contains no perfumes and does not simply mask odours like many other products on the market. It is safe to use in any industrial and commercial environment whenever necessary.

Bespoke Dispersal Equipment

To dispense and disperse the product effectively, we offer the unique Advetec AirStream™ fans. By using a pressure pump and special fans along with a timer, the system effectively disperses the ODR8 product where needed. In addition, high pressure misting equipment can also be used instead depending on site particulars. The system operates on mains or generator power. Water is also necessary which can be portable. The system mixes the ODR8 product with water and disperses it effectively over large areas.

Envitech is the authorised reseller of Advetec technology and products for the Republic of Bulgaria and the Dominican Republic.

Odour elimination misting
AirStream odour elimination fan
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Another Major Challenge – Flies

Odour elimination and fly elimination go hand in hand

Where we implement our odour elimination solutions, very often there is another major challenge – flies. Waste management facilities, landfills and composting sites as well as many other locations present an ideal environment for flies to thrive, multiply and spread. When flies can find the necessary food supply, they start breeding and subsequently cause severe nuisance. In addition, they potentially pose very serious health risks as they spread diseases.

The waste decomposition process results in rising temperatures. This, together with an abundant food source, enable flies to grow quickly and multiply. These include varieties including houseflies, blowflies, blue bottles, green bottles and many more. Uniquely, each female fly can lay up to 500 eggs in multiple batches every few days. In a single year a pair of flies can produce between 5 and 190 billion flies.

Flies pose a major public health hazard as they spread diseases like Dysentery, Gastroenteritis and many more. Staff, who work in such hazardous environments, are particularly at risk. Equally, commercial and industrial organisations, like food processors and slaughterhouses, risk contaminating their production which can subsequently reach the marketplace. Fly prevention measures for many companies are an absolute necessity. We offer an effective solution which has been developed by our partners at Advetec in the United Kingdom.

Our Solution – Advetec FlyGone

We recognise that the control of fly population requires a better solution. Likewise, companies cannot solve the problem by basic knockdown or coarse spraying. We need to address all stages of the fly lifecycle in order to stop the breeding process.

Advetec FlyGone is a special natural formulation which is a non-chemical, non-biological and organically approved broad-spectrum insecticide. It is specifically for flying and crawling insects and maggots. It is also non-hazardous and non-flammable and poses no health risks. Derived from plants, it harnesses the strength of lavender oil, coconut and citrus extracts. As a result, it offers a potent formulation that is highly effective. It is a slightly sticky liquid in appearance which, when applied onto insects, breaks down the wax coating on their bodies. Subsequently it causes dehydration and ultimately death. Due to this unique physical effect, Advetec FlyGone is one of the most effective solutions on the market eliminating flies, eggs, larvae and pupa.

Advetec AirStream™ equipment can effectively apply FlyGone where necessary. Alternatively, any other fogging or misting equipment can disperse the product to the required site. These can include waste management facilities, landfills, composting sites, animal housings, hospitals, food storage sites, slaughterhouses as well as any other location where flies present a challenge. Fly and odour elimination go hand in hand and we have effective solutions to both challenges.

Lavender is a natural remedy for flies
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You Can Benefit

You can significantly reduce your waste disposal costs and improve your green credentials. Whether you are a municipality or a business of any scale, we can help you with the right solution. See below for more info.