Industrial Wastewater Treatment Challenges

Population growth across the world leads to industrial development across all sectors in order to satisfy increasing product demand. The food and drink sector, in particular, is growing rapidly. Effluents are an unavoidable output of food and beverage manufacturing and are under strict regulations and monitoring when it comes to disposal. Factories often require additional wastewater treatment in order to dispose of it.

Wastewater Treatment Regulated Parameters

Water authorities strictly monitor and regulate industrial effluent disposal. The levels of a number of water quality and other parameters must be within acceptable (or consented) levels. These include Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) and Ammonia.

Accordingly, industrial organisations have a wastewater treatment  (or effluent treatment) plant (EFT) as part of their production infrastructure. Although effective, sometimes this is insufficient due to numerous reasons. For example, manufacturing capacity may increase due to company growth. Equally, the EFT may be old, ineffective or failing for some reason. These and other reasons can cause treatment capacity deficit. The company then needs either large additional investment for expansion or to transport effluent for treatment elsewhere. This comes at a considerable cost.

How Envitech Can Help With Wastewater Treatment

Utilising a clever process we can provide an effective effluent treatment resulting in cleaner wastewater which meets local regulations. Meet the Bio-Reactor™ technology which our partners Advetec Group have developed in the United Kingdom. Envitech is the authorised reseller of Advetec technology and products for the Republic of Bulgaria and the Dominican Republic.

Wastewater treatment plant
Suspended oil in effluent

Introducing Advetec Group

Advetec head office

Advetec is a British manufacturer of unique biotechnologies which quickly eliminate organic waste. For over 17 years it has been building very efficient as well as scalable systems. They offer possibilities for eliminating organic waste which have not been seen before. The company operates internationally with headquarters in the United Kingdom as well as an office in Florida, USA. It serves big industrial, commercial and utility companies as well as smaller organisations.

Two unique technologies are at the core of the company’s solutions. Advetec XO™ enables processing of solid waste and wastewater sludge. Similarly, Advetec Bio-Reactor™ provides a solution for additional treatment of effluents. It quickly reduces the levels of critically monitored water quality parameters. All solutions are bespoke, scalable and installed at source in order to accommodate customer needs. They reduce (or completely eliminate) the high costs of waste disposal including transportation.

Advetec Group accreditation banner

What is Advetec Bio-Reactor™?

Effluent Bio-Reactor
Advetec Bio-Reactor info sheet
Advetec Biostimulation info sheet

Advetec Bio-Reactor™ is an in-vessel biological solution which digests organics and reduces the levels of COD, BOD, FOGs, TSS and ammonia present in effluents. The system is bespoke and designed according to customer requirements. It has a flexible footprint matching site particulars and effectively becomes part of the effluent treatment plant (ETP) at the industrial facility. It is integrated into the automatic process workflow.

The operational process essentially provides additional residence time for wastewater treatment. As a result, it reduces the regulated parameters to consent levels for sewer disposal. In addition, proprietary natural Advetec biostimulants are an integral part of the mix. They provide a stimulating environment for the present indigenous bacteria to grow more quickly and to accelerate the biological process.

A baffled tank is part of the wastewater treatment system design. It therefore provides a pre-determined route for the effluent from start to end. By flowing up and down, the system mixes the present organics, maximising digestion effectiveness. On the other hand, conventional systems flow in a straight line where organics settle thus minimising digestion effectiveness.

The output from the process is a cleaner effluent whose quality parameter levels are lower and below the necessary requirements. As it meets local regulations, it can simply drain into the sewer. Advetec Bio-Reactor™ is an effective and efficient system that can reduce the effluent treatment and disposal costs for organisations of any size.

Advetec Bio-Tech Product Range Info Sheet
Advetec Nitrifiers Info Sheet
Advetec Fats, Oils and Greases Info Sheet
Advetec Hydrocarbons info sheet

How the Process Works

  1. Incoming effluent enters the system automatically from the wastewater treatment plant.
  2. An automatic dosing system disperses a bespoke blend of Advetec biostimulants. Consequently, they stimulate the present bacteria to grow and more effectively digest organics in the effluent.
  3. The accelerated reaction the bacteria to quickly digest the organics. In addition, the levels of COD, BOD, FOGs, TSS and ammonia fall below local authority consent levels.
  4. Baffled tank design ensures that the effluent flows through the system in a pre-determined path. This way present organics do not settle but they rather constantly mix.
  5. An automatic aeration system ensures that the Dissolved Oxygen content (DO) remains high enough to sustain the aerobic bacteria.
  6. The output result is a cleaner effluent which meets local water regulations and can drain to sewer. Subject to additional purification, water can be reused.
  7. The entire process is odour free.In addition, Advetec staff remotely monitor all parts of the system including exit gas quality. This ensures a pollution free operation.
Baffled flow diagram of wastewater treatment tank
Purified wastewater can drain to sewer

Unique Aspects of Advetec Bio-Reactor™

  • Quick digestion of organics in the effluent within 3 days

  • Critical COD, BOD, FOGs, TSS and other parameters reduce to consent levels

  • The wastewater treatment process is extremely effective, efficient and 100% natural. This is due to a unique proprietary biostimulant mix as well as clever baffled tank design. No chemicals are added.

  • Wastewater treatment is at source with minimal costs. No transportation is necessary

  • The system is bespoke, scalable and flexible. Its design is according to customer requirements. Moreover, it can be retrofitted inside existing holding tanks or older style primary settlement tanks

  • Thanks to integration of the system into plant infrastructure, the process is fully automatic

  • From an engineering point of view the system is simple and consists of standard readily available components

  • The system can process effluent from existing drains

  • Dedicated staff monitor and optimise the system remotely at the Advetec control centre in the UK. An integrated PLC control panel by Siemens and a SCADA system with sensors controls the system and allows remote monitoring and data storage


You Can Benefit

You can significantly reduce your waste disposal costs and improve your green credentials. Whether you are a municipality or a business of any scale, we can help you with the right solution. See below for more info.