Envitech Bulgaria secures exclusive rights for Advetec technology and products. Envitech Bulgaria, the Eastern European division of Envitech International, recently signed an exclusive reseller agreement with UK based Advetec Group. The company will exclusively sell all Advetec products and technologies in Bulgaria and Dominican Republic.

Advetec is a manufacturer of unique organic waste digestion biotechnological solutions. It has a wide portfolio of products, however, there are two innovative technologies which are the backbone of the company. Advetec XO™ is an in-vessel engineered system which quickly digests organic waste as well as wastewater sludge. It digests up to 96% of organic waste or up to 85% of sludge within 3 days. Uniquely, it can process pure organic waste as well as mixed waste. A special blend of proprietary aerobic extremophile bacteria is at the core of the process. In addition, unique natural biostimulants accelerate bacterial growth and digestion effectiveness.

Advetec Bio-Reactor™, on the other hand, is an engineered system for effluent treatment. Essentially, it provides additional treatment of effluents to existing effluent treatment plants. As such, it helps to reduce critical COD, BOD and FOG levels. Additional resident time for treatment and accelerating the reaction via the proprietary biostimulants are some of the key features. All this in a very neat and flexible as well as very cost-effective package.

Advetec XO for organic waste and sludge
Advetec XO system at a sewage treatment facility in Spain
Advetec Bio-Reactor for wastewater treatment put in place

For over 17 years, Advetec has been selling numerous systems to organisations worldwide. These include large industrial, commercial and utility companies such as Biffa, Best Western Group and Galliford Try. The company has head office in the UK as well as an office in USA. It serves customers worldwide through a network of distributors, resellers and technical consultants.

Craig Shaw, CEO of Advetec Group, commented after signing the agreement:

By working with professional companies globally Advetec can now offer “Zero Waste Solutions” to countries through our strategic partners. Envitech now offers solutions in two significant countries, where local knowledge and established business practices can support long term solutions. They will provide both cost savings and environmentally sustainable facilities ensuring the preservation of some of the world’s most sensitive eco-systems. It is Advetec’s pleasure to be working with positive minded companies like Envitech and we look forward to a long and effective relationship in providing both liquid and solids waste solutions.

Envitech International CEO, Peter Simeonov, also shared his feelings:

I am delighted to join forces with Advetec on our quest to circular economy. Their innovative technologies are an important addition to our environmental solutions range. We are introducing them to Bulgaria and Dominican Republic. Both countries have significant waste and wastewater challenges which need a local treatment solution. Advetec’s technology provides just that in a reliable and effective system which has low operating costs. The fact that systems are small and flexible means they can offer waste processing at source. This improves efficiency, eliminates waste and effluent transportation and reduces costs.