Services For Municipalities

We recognise the numerous waste management challenges municipalities face every day. Effective and efficient collection and disposal of waste with minimal inconvenience for residents are complex and expensive. Most of the municipal waste still ends up in landfills. Nevertheless, that volume reduces year after year as more waste is diverted mainly to incineration plants instead. However, a lot more has to be done in order to achieve an efficient circular economy.

At Envitech International, technological innovation is at the foundation of all our efforts. By uniting technology and efforts of multiple select partners with our expert team, we can offer a new generation of municipal waste processing solutions. We can offer you a scalable solution which gives you an opportunity to decontaminate waste and recover useful recyclables and other elements in a highly efficient and cost-effective way. With considerably lower operating costs than virtually any other technology on the market, we can guarantee that you will significantly reduce your costs for waste disposal. If you implement separate collections of organic waste, then we can also offer options for a biogas plant to process the waste in the most efficient way.

Waste from municipalities ends up in landfill

How We Can Help You

You Can

  • Work with an innovative waste management company

  • Supply waste for full material recovery instead of incineration

  • Reduce transportation of waste by delivering to plants which are located closer

  • Reduce waste disposal costs

  • Potentially have a zero waste to landfill solution

  • Boost your green credentials by being part of the latest innovations

Unique Benefits and Features

  • You work with processing plants using cutting-edge efficient and environmentally friendly technology

  • Our plants can recover potentially over 95% of useful elements in the waste

  • Plants are virtually odour free causing no nuisance to local residents – the process decontaminates incoming waste eliminating noxious odours

  • Disposal costs are lower as our plants are more effective and efficient as well as fully automated

  • Transportation costs are lower as our efficient plants are smaller and located closer to you

  • Supply to plants which potentially offer a zero waste to landfill solution

  • Our plants can achieve a circular economy by recovering useful elements for recycling and reuse

  • You boost your green image by becoming part of the zero waste to landfill revolution

See our Municipal Waste page for more information about our unique highly efficient plants that process waste from municipalities.