The documents section is a constantly increasing area which contains interesting and valuable documents. It includes our own company documents covering our work, our solutions and technologies they feature. All the various documents from the different pages on our site and many more are all in one place here for your convenience. You can find useful information sheets, presentations, industry articles and much more.

In addition, you can find industry articles and press releases as well as useful global articles about various global environmental matters. They include pollution challenges resulting from the rapid global population growth and industrial advancement. Included are also various R&D initiatives worldwide for new upcoming technologies aiming to find solutions to global pollution.

Enjoy reading the content and we hope you will join us on the journey to a circular economy and a future sustainable world. Feel free to download any of the documents.

Documents to read

Advetec Info Sheets and Presentations

Advetec XO Info Sheet
Advetec Biostimulation Info Sheet
Advetec Nitrifiers Info Sheet
Advetec Fats, Oils and Greases Info Sheet
Advetec Airstream Info Sheet
Advetec Bio-Reactor Info Sheet
Advetec Bio-Tech Products Info Sheet
Advetec Hydrocarbons Info Sheet
Advetec Fly Gone Info Sheet
Advetec Airstream Presentation

Advetec Group Articles

WMW Magazine (Jan 2016)
WWT Magazine (Sep 2014)
Filtration + Separation Magazine (Jun 2014)
Arab Water World Magazine (May 2016)
WMW Magazine (Jul 2014)

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