Advetec Group Videos

Advetec Group Video

Advetec XO System – Demonstration

Advetec XO System – Clean Water Output

Advetec XO System – Sludge Digestion in Action

Advetec AirStream – Odour Elimination in Action

Intriguing Global Videos

Don’t Waste Your Waste

An interesting video from Sweden about better waste management as well as the possibilities of waste recovery and utilisation.

Kamikatsu, Japan – a Zero Waste Town

A small town in Japan which takes reuse, recycling and recovery to the next level. People should watch and learn how a sustainable economy with zero waste is achieved albeit on a small scale. It starts with people’s mindset and sustainable responsibility. Of course, with modern technology this is possible worldwide on a large scale.

Thrashed (2012) – a Documentary with Jeremy Irons

Watch the trailer of this great documentary featuring Jeremy Irons. He sets on a journey around the world to discover the reality and extent of global waste pollution. We highly recommend that you watch it from:

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You can significantly reduce your waste disposal costs and improve your green credentials. Whether you are a municipality or a business of any scale, we can help you with the right solution. See below for more info.