Our Mission – Sustainable Development

At Envitech we are devoted to sustainable development and protecting our planet’s valuable resources.  We firmly believe that an effective global circular economy is a critical foundation for future sustainable development. Likewise, technology has a highly important role to play to enable us to achieve these goals.

We are at the forefront of technological innovation. It is our mission to provide unique environmental solutions globally in order to achieve a real and effective circular economy. The primary focus of our work is therefore on processing waste in a superior, more efficient and cost-reducing way. We work closely with select partners who are developing unique and commercially proven technologies. We incorporate them into innovative solutions which we design and implement on both small and large scale globally. We strive to achieve superior performance and offer new possibilities for processing waste and reducing global pollution. We are committed to our mission and playing our part in the future of global sustainable development.

Innovative Environmental Solutions for Sustainable Development

Every aspect of our waste solutions revolves around material recovery – how to utilise the useful elements of waste in the most efficient as well as economical way. We can effectively decontaminate complex mixed municipal or commercial waste and separate clean recyclable fractions in a very economical way. At the same time, we fully utilise the remaining organic fraction in order to generate valuable renewable energy and produce biofuels.

In addition, we are committed to helping transportation to become greener. We have an innovative multi-fuel solution allowing commercial diesel engines to run on various types of gas. We are also working on multiple exciting biofuel technologies.

We are confident that zero waste to landfill will one day become a reality. We hope that our unique environmental solutions will empower governments around the world to establish sustainable development plans. We are here to help every step of the way.

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Our Global Presence

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Meet Our Executive Team

Peter Simeonov team

Peter Simeonov – Chief Executive Officer

Peter is the founder of Envitech and a passionate advocate of global sustainable development. He is a successful entrepreneur with considerable expertise in multiple market sectors. They include renewable energy, property investment and development, automotive accessories and consumables and luxury print and packaging. Previously he was the CEO of Craft Biogas where he created a substantial project development plan of a 10MWe portfolio of biogas plants worth over £50m. More recently, he was the Country Manager for UK & Ireland of Offset Group – one of the leading luxury packaging manufacturers in Eastern Europe. In addition, he was a Director at the British Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and also spent a number of successful years in property investment and development.

Peter is currently co-owner and CEO of KAS Trade – one of the leading automotive accessories and consumables companies in Bulgaria. In addition, he is a Non-Executive Director at both the Canadian Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and the Bulgarian Economic Chamber. In his capacity, he also chairs the Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy Committee at the former and both the Sustainable Development and Innovation & Entrepreneurship committees at the latter. He also does various consulting work in the UK and overseas.

Peter’s educational background is in IT (BEng) from Imperial College London, UK as well as in Business Economics (BSc Econ) from the University of Buckingham, UK. He is a Registered PRINCE2® Practitioner.

Vasil Savov team

Vasil Savov – Operations Director, Envitech Bulgaria

Vasil heads operations for Envitech Bulgaria, our Eastern European division. He brings over 30 years of board level expertise in multiple sectors. Most notable is his expertise in the automotive accessories and consumables sector. He is widely regarded as one of the most experienced professionals in the sector in Bulgaria. For many years, he was Sales Director of Autorai which was one of the pioneers in this sector. He was instrumental for developing the company into a market leading position. Previously he was also Sales Director of Vertex which is the houseware and kitchenware distribution market leader in Bulgaria.

Vasil is currently the Managing Director of KAS Trade – one of the market leaders in automotive accessories and consumables in Bulgaria. He possesses substantial organisational, market development and management skills and expertise. His educational background is in International Relations from the German Academy of State and Law in Potsdam, Germany. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in European Studies from RWTH Aachen University in Germany.

Lachezar Popov team

Lachezar Popov – Sales Director, South America and the Caribbean

Lachezar brings over 40 years of high-level international trade experience in Bulgaria and South America. It includes numerous sectors such as industrial machinery and vehicles as well as chemical products, leather, textiles, property and more. Between 1981 and 2000 he was President of a number of companies in Argentina. They include ILEX S.A., Bular Commerce SRL and Balkan Consulting SRL. He was responsible for developing and managing trade relations and subsequent transactions between the Bulgarian and Argentinian Governments. He was also involved in cross country major private sector import and export trade deals. These include Bulgaria, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and the Dominican Republic.

More recently he has held various executive roles in companies in Bulgaria. They all relate to international trade with Argentina, Dominican Republic and Cuba. These include Tabakov & Co, BN Consulting Ltd and Stroitelna Mechanizatzia PLC. These are well-known companies respectively in the construction, property and infrastructure engineering sectors. Lachezar’s educational background is in Foreign Trade from the Karl Marx Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria.

You Can Benefit

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