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Envitech is an innovative cleantech company. We design and implement unique technological solutions to global environmental challenges. At the core of our ethos is our aim to achieve a circular economy. As such, the primary focus of our work is on a more effective and efficient utilisation of waste. We cover individual streams as well as complex municipal solid waste and commercial waste. We also offer industrial wastewater treatment and an innovation that enables commercial diesel engines to become multifuel and run on multiple types of gas.

Our solutions feature some of the latest innovative technologies which offer a new era of possibilities. Our united efforts are therefore set to make a significant impact on reducing global environmental pollution. We welcome you to join us on our Zero Waste journey. Let us work together and leave a global circular economy and a cleaner planet to our future generations.

Circular economy
Municipal waste small

Municipal Waste

Decontamination and 96% separation of mixed municipal waste into clean fractions – the highest effectiveness at the lowest cost on the market

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Organic waste small

Organic Waste

Engineered small-scale solution to eliminate up to 96% of solid organic waste at source within 3 days

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Biogas production small

Biogas Production

Efficient biogas production from organic waste to generate renewable energy and biomethane fuel

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Multi-Fuel Tech

A system which enables commercial diesel engines (HGV, rail, marine and more) to operate as dual fuel with different types of gas, reducing fuel costs and emissions



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You can significantly reduce your waste disposal costs and improve your green credentials. Whether you are a municipality or a business of any scale, we can help you with the right solution. See below for more info.

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